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The Master Key🗝️

The Ultimate Tool for The Bitcoin Hunt

What is
The Master Key?

Like being able to skip the line every where you go, The Master Key is the ultimate tool for finding my hidden Bitcoin.  

On the Ethereum chain, holders of The Master Key are granted the highest level of access any cipherpunk can attain. Think of it as a Membership Token, The Ultimate VIP Access Pass.

Mint (Coming Soon)

How it Works

Mint & Hold 🗝️

Master Keys are EXTREMELY RARE! Mint a Master Key and hold onto it.

The Secret Room 🔐

Every Clue is organized for you in The Secret Room 

Recieve AirDrops 🪂

Receive one of every single FREE Edition on Optimism via AirDrop 

Pre-Sale Early Access 📈

Be added to the Pre-Sale whitelist to get new releases at a discount  

Access Exclusive Clues 🔍

Unlock tokengates with your Master Key to reveal exclusive Clues   

Access Exclusive Quests 🧭

Unlock tokengates with your Master Key to reveal exclusive Quests 

Mint (Coming Soon)

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